Top Five Tracks – Jaws

Photo © Jaws

Photo © Jaws

Birmingham’s super-mighty JAWS are touring their latest release, The Ceiling, later this year (2019) and to give you a flavour of what to expect when they tear down the Coventry Empire at the end of November we’ve decided to share with you our favourite five tracks. As past of the Digbeth-based B-Town scene, Jaws have been dropping insanely good, melodic, deep rock n roll and we cannot get enough, so we hope you enjoy the following tracks enough to buy a couple of tickets and experience something new.

Jaws – Think Too Much, Feel Too Little

Think Too Much, Feel Too Little
We are going right back to 2014 and the album, Be Slowly, where you will find the Bombay Bicycle Club sounding, Think Too Much, Feel Too Little. This beautifully fluid track is loaded with flowing notes that ripple across the gorgeous vocals. This track ambles on for a couple of minutes before lifting and returning to it’s mellows roots, this is summer personified and one of many from the album that gave foundation for the bands later sound.

JAWS – Surround You

Surround You
We’ve picked another killer track from Be Slowly, this time we’ve gone for Surround You. This is another track with sunshine vibes but this time there’s a solid riff that flows from start to end giving the tune a dirtier tone. The lyrics lead you through a love story that you could imagine singing to your nearest and dearest whilst driving down the LA coast. Surround You is hypnotic, enthralling and a track that’s designed to be cranked up to 50 as you enjoy a Friday evening bathed in sunshine. Beautiful.

JAWS – Just A Boy

Just A Boy
The 2016 album, Simplicity, opens with a track that immediately shows JAWS’ intention. Just A Boy begins with a rattling chord progression that then drops a deep thrust of distorted sound. This is the equivalent of walking down the street thinking you’re the man before a bigger kid grabs you by the throat. This is a band in development, this is progress in sound, this is a group of musicians who have found their feet and dropped what ends up being a knock-out record.

JAWS – End Of The World

End Of The World
Returning to the present day, End Of The World, is taken from the bands latest album, The Ceiling, adding another layer to the bands already incredible back catalogue. This melancholic track is driven in parts by the percussion before hauntingly beautiful echoes of guitar ripples in harmony with Connor Schofield’s vocals. Fierce, repetitive lyric-riffs lead to hazy heights, this is proof that Jaws are an unstoppable musical beast.

JAWS – Please Be Kind

Please Be Kind
Familiar tones return to Please Be Kind, a track that’s found towards the end of their latest album. Beginning with soft, fluid tones it leads to vocals that remain consistent throughout before the chorus powers through like the best thoroughbred in the field. Jaws have an incredible ability to make love songs not sound weak and floppy, they keep the music focused, bulging with ups and downs, they interject shows of affection that compliment their musical integrity.

We fucking love this band.

You can get your tickets for Saturday 30th November at the Coventry Empire here.

Chris Sanders