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It’s not often in a person’s career that they get to interview themselves! I feel quite privileged to be able to get my experiences down into words. I thought I’d put myself under the same line of questioning I give other interviewees of Native Magazine. What makes me tick? What are my goals? It’s hard to talk about oneself too much... but I’ll give it a damn good go.

How long have you been writing for?
I feel like I’ve always wanted to write, but really it all kicked off for me properly about 2 ½ years ago when I started my own geeky lifestyle blog, Writing Into The Ether. I just love nerdy things - whether that’s Harry Potter, book discussions, space themed stuff… you name it I’ve probably had a go at it. It started off as a place for me to record the things I’ve done, and now it’s become a gateway into connecting with and writing for people.

So what first drew you to write for Native magazine?
As a local since birth, I’ve felt a fierce pride for my city my whole life. From wandering round the Herbert Art Gallery as a kid, to studying for a BA at Coventry University, I’ve always been creative. Couple that with an almost obsession with FarGo village, supporting the creative people of Coventry was a no-brainer. So first, I started to interview locals on my own blog. When I first picked up issue 1 of Native from the counter in The Big Comfy Bookshop I thought… I have to try and get involved.

You seem to be enjoying it so far! What’s been the best part for you?
I love meeting new people, writing about them. Meeting people from all different walks of life is incredible and I really enjoy building groups and networks of people. The absolute best moment though, had to be when I got my own segment, to talk about geek culture in Coventry. I’ve been working on growing the scene, starting small last year with a discussion group and networking and then this June came the launch of Coventry Geeks.

What’s Coventry Geeks all about?
As you’d expect, it’s a community of geeky people in Coventry who all have a passion for seeing the nerd scene grow. The aim is to give people the opportunity to meet one another, network with local businesses who share their passions, with the ultimate goal of getting people out of their houses. I want people to feel they have a variety of choices of events and the drive to get out there and try something new at the various geeky events going on around the city.

How do people know that they are geeky enough to be a part of it?
Geekiness is a mindset, not defined by what you like but sharing your passion for a subject with other people who can appreciate it. Do you have a passion for pop culture? Do you play games of any kind - be it board games or video games? Do you follow a particular fandom, like Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars? Can you never get your nose out of a book or ever stop painting models? The list goes on and on, and all are invited.

What kind of things go on in Coventry that nerds should know about?
If you like any of these things I’ve listed, there are events running throughout the year by various groups including ourselves. We will have a presence at as many as we can, in the hope that people will use the community page as a hub of activity - finding out what’s on that suits their tastes, maybe get some friends to attend events with and even getting some cheeky group discounts to big events! If you have an idea for an event that you think the community will enjoy, we can help put you in touch with people to help make that vision come true.

Where do people have to go to find out more?
Visit our Facebook group – there will be discussion threads and also monthly event threads where we will post as many events as we can. Our first mixer is August 4th but don’t worry if you miss it. There will be plenty more coming up, bring a friend, message us first to see if we know of anyone who’s going… Just turn up – all you’ve got to do is step out of the door.

You can find Coventry Geeks on their Facebook group.

Written by Amy Turner of Writing Into The Ether.

Amy Turner