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Micky Blouse

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to the single. I’m both surprised and flattered by the response so far. The Micky Blouse project was created quite a few years ago. After sixth form I dabbled in a few different things and music/ song writing was the thing that peaked my interest. The notion of seeing something through from conception to completion was fascinating and writing tunes allowed me to do this with massively satisfying results.

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The Elusive CovKid

We are forever seeking out new talent, new creativity and a new view of Coventry. What better way to capture his passion for our vibrant and brilliant city than to immortalise it’s architecture in incredibly intricate designs. We got an exclusive interview with the hard-to-pin-down CovKid - a designer who produces Coventry inspired illustrations.

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Esme Spurling

As part of our Meet the Makers, which looks at inspiring people that we feel have the power to change creative industries, we met up with Coventry based, media business owner, Esme Spurling. We discussed inspirations, futures and how challenging yourself can lead to new, exciting and ambitious ideas.

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