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Review: Comedy Night Backhaus

Tuesdays. Boring right? Nothing to do, nowhere to go - the working week has barely begun. Well look no further than BackHaus&Co in Coventry, to start your week off right. Their monthly comedy night, hosted by Michael Dryburgh, is just the thing you need to pull you out of the gloom.

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Review: Ellipses Presents

In the sold out upstairs of the New Albany Pub last Saturday night we were lucky enough to squeeze into the inaugural Ellipse Presents. The first of what promises to be a regular haunt for those looking to soak up some local live music from all over the musical spectrum. Those in attendance certainly got their moneys worth in a stacked bill consisting of four great acts ranging from soulful acoustic to psych rock, a rouge smoke machine and a fire alarm keen to join in on backing vocals at times. 

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