The Elusive CovKid


We are forever seeking out new talent, new creativity and a new view of Coventry. What better way to capture his passion for our vibrant and brilliant city than to immortalise it’s architecture in incredibly intricate designs. We got an exclusive interview with the hard-to-pin-down CovKid - a designer who produces Coventry inspired illustrations.


So CovKid, can I first ask - why did you choose Coventry as the subject of your drawings?
The idea to start drawing Coventry’s buildings came from my husband. We both have an interest in architecture and love Mid-Century style.  He is a real Cov Kid and is very passionate about the city. I am originally from Barcelona, and whenever we travel and someone asks where we are from, I always get praise for my hometown while Coventry does not get fair treatment.  There should be much greater appreciation of Coventry’s design wonders, both within the city and externally.

I totally agree with you there! What first made you think - Coventry’s buildings are the things I want to draw?
Well, I have been drawing forever and rarely leave the house without my sketchbook.  I studied Textile and Pattern Design and later trained as a Graphic Designer. I started drawing Coventry buildings for the CovKid project in June 2018. The aim is for local people to identify with the designs too, and perhaps to notice qualities that hadn’t previously registered with them.

These will be fantastic mementos for people visiting Coventry on the lead up to City of Culture 2021!
Exactly! We thought that Coventry could do with a range of stylish mementos that celebrates the uniqueness of the city. The city is ever changing and buildings and detailing can be easily lost as areas are redeveloped.  If these iconic buildings are more widely recognised, there’s more chance that they will survive and the city will retain the unique character that we know and love.


Have your views changed of the city, since you started to look more closely at them?
I feel like I didn't realise just what Coventry stood for all until I actually started wandering the streets with my sketchbook and camera.  I started with the obvious landmarks, but as I got lost in the city, I was surprised by what was hidden in plain sight.  Coventry is the Brasilia of the UK!  There are wonderful buildings and street art - murals, frescos, reliefs… I remember getting lost in the precinct and ending up in the market, and being in awe: it is a time tunnel, it is Thunderbirds, it´s real Coventry, and it´s unique.

Who are your biggest artistic influences through history?
That would be a very long, very eclectic list.  In general, I like artists who have ended up becoming abstract after they have achieved figurative perfection and have realised that reproducing reality is not enough.  In this sense, I think that the first painter to achieve this was Goya, and in my opinion, he is the master of masters in art history who started the way for everybody else. 

Finally, what does success look like to you?
Everybody in Barcelona has been told that anything with ‘the Barcelona brand’ is cool and we should be proud of it. Coventry needs to embrace its rich design heritage too! I hope I can help people to see the beauty in their city. But personally, my success is to be able to continue doing what I enjoy, finding new inspiration and having quality time with the people I love.

You can find more of CovKid's work on his website. CovKid Designs are available via stockists throughout the city. Check here to find out where.

Written by Amy Turner: Writing Into The Ether