Review: Comedy Night Backhaus


Tuesdays. Boring right? Nothing to do, nowhere to go - the working week has barely begun. Well look no further than Backhaus&Co in Coventry, to start your week off right. Their monthly comedy night, hosted by Michael Dryburgh, is just the thing you need to pull you out of the gloom.

This intimate venue means you feel like the comedians are speaking directly to you - but don’t worry, you’re unlikely to get picked on unless you sit in the front row! With an array of fantastic upcoming acts, BackHaus&Co is the perfect setting for a chilled and comfortable evening enjoying some new comedy material.

New material I hear you ask? Will it make me cringe if a joke flops? I can tell you that this was one of my biggest reservations when deciding whether to go to a comedy gig. But actually every single comedian was delightfully funny and when a joke didn’t land so well they graciously continued on without so much as a pause.


I attended the June gig, where there were such a great variety of acts. Each one was so different to the last but every single one got me laughing. When I first attended this comedy night last year, the gig was in its early stages and it’s great to see how much it’s all changed. It’s so relaxed and the conversation flows so comfortably.

Just a little about the acts themselves

The gig itself sits right in that sweet spot between start-up comedians and sell-out-tour comedians which is absolutely perfect. Tom Ham (great name) was that pleasantly awkward and silly type of comedian that you can’t help but identify with and laugh along with. Damon Conlan was a comedy magician with a wonderfully sarcastic wit and brilliant card trickery.

The Kamikaze club were a comedy duo; their very friendly and down-to-earth demeanors made them instantly likeable as they performed sketches together. Last of the shorter acts, the quirky Mary Flanigan spoke directly to my soul with her lightly feminist and self-deprecating humour.


The headliner, Thomas Green was absolutely incredible. Originally from Aussie territory, his jokes highlighted the differences between the UK and Australia among so much more. His facial expressions alone were enough to drive the audience to bellowing laughter and the jokes even more-so.

The Verdict
There were enough people and space to create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere - unlike those theatres where you’re squinting at a figure across a crowded room. With that and it’s delicious food, comfy armchairs and relaxed and inviting environment, I’d say that BackHaus is actually the best venue I’ve ever been to for a comedy gig.

Special thanks to Michael and BackHaus&Co for inviting us.

Pre-book your tickets to their next event which is on the second Tuesday of every month.

Written by Amy Turner: Writing Into The Ether